I am now an iPhone Developer

I’ve made iPhone apps in the past while I was still a part of Blazing Lizard, my favorite one being iSkyDive! because it was full 3d and looked cool!  Now, however, I am personally and officially an iPhone developer.  Solo-mio.  Not as part of a company, and not beholden to anyone or anything (other than my wife and child, of course).

I have left Blazing Lizard quite a long while ago, and have since been on a sabbatical from most things gaming.  I can’t say ALL things gaming, because I have to keep my skills up, afterall.  Anyway, a little while ago I came to learn about GameSalad…

Now, I’ve heard all their claims before from countless other companies.  “Game development for the rest of us”, “make games without any programming”, etc.  Naturally I was intrigued, but not interested in dropping everything to check them out.  So, it was a couple weeks later that I finally decided to poke around in GameSalad.  I liked what I was seeing right off the bat, and it seemed easy enough to use.  I decided I should try to think of the absolute simplest type of game I could make as a way to learn how to use GameSalad.  The infinitely-ascending style games popped to mind and seemed easy enough.

I had a prototype of the game up and running in less than a week, and it was looking promising so I decided to flesh it out and come up with a full game design and ideas for visuals.  Needless to say, things got a little out of hand, as they tend to do with any of my endeavors.  The simplest game ever soon became a challenging and all-consuming project.  In all it still only took me about a month to a month and a half (my schedule was very loose, spending irregular hours here and there, whenever I could) to get this game completed.

All things considered, I’m proud of the results and hope anyone who plays Bubble Rockit will enjoy it.  Sure it’s simple, and sure there are so many features, gameplay ideas, and graphics that I wanted to add, but eventually I had to make a tough call and ship the game before it fell into the dark abyss of unfinished projects on my hard drive.

I’m sure my next project will be just as fun but until then….  I present to you Bubble Rockit!