About Bubble Rockit

Bubble Rockit is an “ascension” style game made popular by Doodle Jump and Mega Jump, among many others.

With less frenetic gameplay, a finite level design, and tapping interactivity Bubble Rockit is the perfect game to fit into those really short spans of time in between your daily mundane tasks.


Your goal is to help Bubble Rockit get to outer space.  Help him grab bubbles for fuel so he can keep shooting skyward!  If he runs out of fuel he will plummet back to the ground.

Collect stars for extra points, but don’t be hasty with that tapping finger…  You may need to sacrifice a star or two for emergency fuel, at the cost of points.



  • Tilt your iDevice left and right to control Bubble Rockit’s direction and guide his ascent.
  • Steer the ship towards bubbles to pick up more fuel.
  • Tap the stars to save them and increase your score.  If you touch them with Bubble Rockit, you will destroy them and lose points, but you will also get a fuel boost.