3dsMax Auto Backup Replacement


Unzip THESE FILES into your scripts/startup directory….

Tiny interface makes it very unobtrusive. Open up the settings window to drag the window up in front of your title bar.

You can click on the Autosave button to activate/deactivate auto-saving. If you open the settings, you can also toggle it to Manual Mode which will let you back up the file only when you click the button (a good option if you’re working with a large file).

As expected, you can set the save interval for auto backups to whatever you like from 1 minute up to 120 minutes (though setting it that high is just careless)

You can set the number of backups from 1 to 99 files. The great thing about this is that I will save UNIQUE backups for each of your files, so you’re not limited to only x amount of total backups. You can have an independent history for any file you work with.

I’ve included two delete options because if you save 99 unique backups for any file you ever open, this can start filling up your hard drive pretty fast. Warning, don’t do this unless you agree to never harass me for giving you this option…

Clicking the circle-arrow button will ask you if you want to reload the most recent auto-save. This is what you’ll probably want to do right after Max crashed and you want to reload your file. When you do this it automagically asks you to re-save the file and it even defaults you to the original file location and name.

Clicking the x button will close and disable autosave. This will also set the built-in autobak function to whatever you had it set to before (because I disable that in this script). Go ahead and close it you risky rebel.

You can even change the color of the button highlights to make it more or less obnoxious (pro-tip: the more obnoxious it is, the easier it will be for you to see whether or not you’re being protected from data loss).

Thanks, and enjoy your new insurance against max’s inevitable crash-fails! Please let me know if you have any issues and I’ll try my best to fix any problems you find.