Here’s the Bastion costume I made for my 10yr old son Oscar for Halloween.

This is the Omnic Crisis skin and i made it with more natural military style colors vs. the bright cartoony orange you see in game. The helmet strip lights up and the light on the chest can remain on or switch to voice-activated mode.

For his school parade I had to add a cap onto the mini-gun and a ‘claw/gripper’ on the barrel of his arm gun to get around their no guns policy.

Some of these images are pre-weathering and final detailing. The ones in the classroom and walking in the parade are final details images.


20171027_162308-01 20171027_162406_HDR-01 20171027_162453_HDR-01 20171027_162504_HDR-01 20171031_134847_HDR-01 20171031_135149_HDR-01 20171031_142259_HDR-01