Behold! A fraction of the stuff I’ve done over the years…



Threat Tec

Technical Artist
May 2016 – Present

  • Mission scripting and footage capture within VBS3 game engine.
  • Creating and editing military training scenario videos.
  • Virtual Reality world building, modeling and texturing, render style development

Freelance / Contract

September 2009 – Present
Freelancer and contract artist working at various levels of complexity ranging from logos or photography, to character designs for CG films and art creation for mobile and high end video games.


Technical Artist / Graphic Designer
February 2014 – October 2015

  • Design and develop tools and pipelines for Artists and Designers
  • Proactively seek out inefficiencies and problems in existing pipelines and identify potential solutions.
  • Improve and enhance tools / processes throughout the project cycle.
  • Work with programmers and designers in researching and developing new game features.
  • Reverse engineer complex military vehicle control systems.
  • Create intricate mechanical rigs to digitally simulate full functionality of those control systems.

Deep Silver Volition

Contract Artist
November 2012 – September 2013

  • Handled the in-game integration of outsourced character assets
  • Creation of customization assets

Spacetime Studios

Senior Artist
March 2011 – May 2012

  • 3d modeling and texturing of in-game assets
  • Character rigging and animation
  • Created workflow enhancing tools for the art and animation departments

Blazing Lizard Inc

Creative Director and Co-Founder
March 2007 – September 2009
Founded Blazing Lizard in March of 2007 and shipped our first full game in one year. I utilized my knowledge in multiple disciplines and game production methodologies to create 95% of all game assets while managing the in-house team as well as outsource studios.

  • Managed the day-to-day business operations, payroll and HR duties, network administration, hardware and software inventory management/support, project and team schedule management.
  • Xbox 360, Wii, and iPhone app development including game design and some coding
  • Software and hardware support and troubleshooting
  • Art asset creation including: concept art, character models, levels, environments and props, textures, effects, rigging and animations, audio, interface, website, marketing materials, as well as product and pipeline documentation.

Volition Inc / THQ

Studio Artist Manager
August 1998 – March 2007

  • Hiring and career development within the Art group through mentoring, education, and direction
  • Assisted the Producers and Product Art Director in writing and presenting personnel evaluations for all art personnel

Lead Product Technical Artist – Red Faction: Guerrilla

  • Key member (1 of 4) of the initial pre-production team tasked with creating an entirely new destruction system never seen in a game before (or since).
  • Created tools and techniques for improving pipeline functionality, solved visual quality issues with creative solutions
  • Identified and removed obstacles interfering with team members’ productivity
  • Worked with the Producers and Leads to successfully manage the technical art team’s schedule and milestone deliverables
  • Led the communication and collaboration between the art and programming teams to identify and resolve development issues and systems requirements

Pre-production Senior Artist – Saints Row
Working with the lead animator on Saints Row, I helped pave the road for the expansive character customization system used in the Saints Row series of games. As part of a separate experimental group, I helped drive the development of several game prototypes that were absorbed into Saints Row as the “activities” mini-games. The character customization system and the activities became the best-reviewed aspects of Saints Row, helping to push sales up to 2 million units.

Lead Character / Vehicle Artist – Experimental Projects

  • Conceived and executed experimental design and gameplay mechanics
  • Pushed proprietary engine beyond “expected” capabilities through the clever use of existing features
  • Evolved game design through level creation / iteration and feature tweaks
  • Managed the character art team

Character / Vehicle / UI Artist – Red Faction PC / Red Faction 2 / Summoner
Early on at Volition, I was essentially the company’s first technical artist and lighting artist by taking control of all art assets and bringing them up to the highest quality while maintaining performance.

  • Optimized art assets in order to implement engine features previously unachievable
  • Modeled and textured in game assets (characters, vehicles and objects, environment and lighting effects)
  • Optimized assets to maintain performance for multiple PC configurations and monitor resolutions


3D Studio Max (and MaxScript)
After Effects / Premiere
MS Office Suite
Many proprietary production tools


Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii
iPhone X Code and Interface Builder
Source Safe / Perforce / Subversion
Visual Studio
Unity Engine


1998 – Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Associates Computer Science and Animation
1975 to Current – School of Hard Knocks


Summoner, Red Faction 2, Saints Row, Red Faction Guerrilla, Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball, Star Legends, Dark Legends, Arcane Legends, Saints Row 4, MANY unreleased prototypes, Several Training applications for Emergency Responders and Military.